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About Us

The place where Achievers make great things happen.


There's something in the air, or in the water at Arrow Strategies because everyone who makes the grade to be part of our team either starts out as an Achiever or quickly becomes one. Our Achiever Culture is just part of who we are. 


Ever wonder why our Achiever career seekers usually get the position they seek? Why our Achiever hiring managers get the top picks? It’s because Arrow Strategies goes the extra mile to make sure the fit is perfect and the match is ideal. That takes a fantastic team, and people who care enough to work extra hard for you.  

We're known for asking the right questions.  


Anyone who works at Arrow Strategies learns quickly that the more we learn about you, the better we can help you. So if we ask a lot of questions, that’s a good thing. Be candid with your answers and you’ll find the time we spend together will pay off.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Achiever 4 Life
That’s the goal.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own Arrow Achiever Coach? Someone who can be there to guide and enhance your career? How great would it be to know the people you meet are aligned with your wants and needs? Whether you’re an Achiever hiring manager or a career seeker, asking the right questions eliminates the guesswork. No more play and pray. That's how you become an Achiever 4 Life. 

"I owe my career success to Arrow Strategies. I honestly didn't consider myself an achiever. But then, I met my Arrow Achiever Coach and everything changed. Now I know anything is possible and with hard work and courage, and grit, everything is achievable. I'm doing it thanks to Arrow Strategies." 

- IT contract employee turned 16-year full-time employee 

"My Arrow Achiever Coach takes a vested interest in me. We talk regularly and meet quarterly. He makes sure I'm happy with my work and my compensation. Of course I am. Arrow matched me perfectly for my job and the people I work with. We're doing great things! Don't know where I'd be without Arrow Strategies.


- Project manager with engineering firm


Being strategic is the Arrow way.

Let us help you refine your next career move. How about letting us help you define the exact hire you need? No matter which side of the desk you’re sitting on—career seeker or hiring manager—taking a strategic approach to the task is the path to awesome outcomes. Our decades of experience instantly become yours. 

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Did we mention prepare? Let other firms have this process and that. The fact is, there's no process that can replace sitting down and taking the time to communicate what's expected. Then running through all the scenarios and practicing. Whether you're an Arrow Achiever seeing your next career move or an Achiever hiring manager, there's no shortcut, no form, no artificial intelligence for actual human interaction. It is called human resources after all.  So work with Arrow Strategies and you can bet you'll be ready. And you'll be better for it. Because Achievers, no matter which side of the desk they are on, are always prepared. 

Company values that started even before day one.

Founder Jeff Styers' early life and the way he approached accomplishing his childhood dream are the very same values we at Arrow Strategies use to guide our company today. To guide our client companies and Arrow Achievers too.


  • Courage

  • Hard work

  • Dedication

  • Grit                                  


They sound basic, but they are the very things that make for a great career and a great life. The career and life you've always wanted to have.

Quick Facts About Arrow Strategies
  • Headquartered in Metro Detroit

  • Certified Veteran and Native American owned business

  • Incorporated in 2002

  • Award winning year after year performance

  • National recruiting with local delivery model

  • Achiever for Life (A4L™) philosophy

  • Proven 10-Step Recruiting process

  • Employee Retention Program

  • Arrow Cares 501 (c) (3) commitment to the community

Talent Solutions

No matter the type of Achiever you're looking to hire, Arrow Strategies is your partner.


Contingent Labor

  • Contract: Temporary, short-term, long-term or defined completion project-based Achievers 

  • Contract to Direct: Temporary or long-term Achievers that can seamlessly join your team as a direct hire


Project & Bundled Services

  • Fully managed and staffed projects that add up to speed, efficiency, Retention and cost savings


Direct Placement/ Executive Search

  • Recruit Achievers to join your team as a direct hires


Statement of Work

  • Contract staff tied to specific budgets or deliverables

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