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Your Source for 

Engineering Achievers 

The Race is On, So Let’s Make Sure Your Crew is Ready.


Technology advancements are transforming our world and engineering teams like yours are leading the way. Or at least that’s the idea. Let Arrow Strategies help you find the achiever-level talent that can help you drive not only innovation but full-blown industry dominance.


When your engineering team works with pit-crew efficiency, pit-crew effectiveness, you’re in for a great ride.


Arrow Strategies pays so much attention to finding the right fit. It takes understanding and sometimes even helping you shape the picture of the perfect match.  Then, once in search mode, no shortcuts, no way! It’s our job to find, meet and filter the Arrow Achievers from the mere qualified. That way, all you have to do is select from our top two or three Achievers and get back in the race, pedal to the metal.


The better we know you, the more you’re going to love the Arrow Achievers we send your way.


When you work with us, you'll find we do the things most companies won’t. Things like picking up the phone, setting up face-to-face meetings and checking in to see how things are going. We won't waste your time, we maximize it. Efficiency is a true Arrow advantage for you.


Anyone can post your job request online and forward applicants, but only Arrow can find, filter and send you genuine Arrow Achievers. 


There’s so much more to recruiting than just shuffling warm bodies with acceptable resumes through your conference room and hoping for the checkered flag. That’s not the job at all. And it’s a waste of your time. The job at Arrow is working our extensive network to find proven Achievers in terms of credentials, experience, personality and drive. Can you say, “Winner’s Circle?”


Ask About Our Engineering Achievers

Whether your engineering need is automotive, medical, AI, industrial, energy, you name it, know that we’ve looped those tracks many times and lapped our competitors all the way to the finish line. The Arrow Achievers we find have a way of boosting performance and enhancing outcomes for you and your department, division and company. Are you ready to approach the starting line with Arrow? Yes?

Engineering Disciplines
  • BSME’s

  • BSEE’s

  • Manufacturing Engineers

  • Industrial Engineers

Program Management
  • Costing Engineers

  • Program Managers

  • Account Managers

  • System Engineers

  • Resident Engineers

  • Project Engineers

  • Robotics Engineers

  • Installation Engineers

  • Service Engineers

  • Paint Engineers

  • Controls Engineers

  • Vision Application Engineers

  • Waste Water Engineers

  • Tooling Designers

Product Development
  • Designers (UG, Catia, Solidworks, Pro/E)

  • Design Engineers

  • Product Engineers

  • Validation Engineers

  • Design & Release Engineers

  • Infotainment Engineers

  • Embedded Software Engineers

  • Driver Assist Engineers

Quality and Safety
  • NVH Engineers

  • Quality Engineers

  • Warranty Engineers

  • EHS Engineers

  • CNC Operators/ Programmers

  • Welders

  • Electricians

  • Machine Builders

  • Light Assembly/
    Production Support

  • Mechanics

Arrow Strategies was the only company that took the time to really understand our company and our culture. That one extra step made the rest of process and every hire since then so much easier, so much more of a slam dunk.


- Cassandra Z. 

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