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What talent acquisition ISN’T.

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Is Arrow Strategies simply tweaking our title from “staffing firm” to “Talent Acquisition Specialist” with no other differences? No.

What is Talent Acquisition?

I’ll explain, first, with what Talent Acquisition isn’t.

Our Competitors’ story:

  • Company X: Needs an employee.

  • Staffing firm: Hits the job boards, copies and pastes a list of 15 candidates that look good on paper, and have a pulse.

  • Company X: Hires a candidate from the list.

  • Staffing firm: Gets paid.

  • Company X: Gets an employee.

End of story, right? Not so.

Here’s the unfortunate reality:

  • Loaded Gun: Company X hired what Arrow Strategies calls an Active Candidate, or a loaded gun. In need of employment, the Active Candidate is open to any position, any salary, now. They need a job, and they’re ready to fire at just about anything.

  • Shooting Blanks: The “loaded gun” turns out to be less exemplary than portrayed, and performs poorly. Company X wonders: Did the staffing firm even meet this candidate? No. But they got paid.

  • Out of Sight: The Active Candidate, who posted his resume on 30 job boards, receives more job offers. One pays more! The Active Candidate leaves Company X.

Out of Luck: Company X is left with a disdain for staffing firms, no employee and a headache.

This all-too-common story is what Talent Acquisition ISN’T. No talent was actually acquired, no strategy utilized, no method. I often say what’s missing from recruiting these days – is recruiting.

Arrow Strategies — Talent Acquisition Specialist:

  • We Source Top-Notch Talent: In our 12-year history, Arrow Strategies has never posted a job on the Internet. In our opinion, the top six 10 percent of any corporation – the superior employees and high-level professionals that Arrow recruits – will never need the job boards, and neither do we. The high-level professionals will secure work through referrals, and so do we.

  • Passive vs. Active: Arrow Strategies focuses only on the Passive Candidate. This stellar employee is currently working, honing his/her skill set even further. The Passive Candidate will only be open to upward mobility, and only if and when the timing is right.

  • Proprietary Screening: Proprietary Screening. Not only do we meet face-to-face with recruited clients, but our proprietary screening process includes in-depth, in-person interviews and detailed technical and cultural assessments. Arrow Strategies doesn’t consider a candidate ‘Talent’ until we know for certain that they are, indeed, talented.

  • Agent For Life: Arrow cultivates relationships, and builds trust with both corporate clients and talent. An Arrow Strategies Agent may very well have two years invested into a trusted relationship with a Talent client before placing them with an organization. With corporate clients, our Partners function as an actual extension of the corporate team – delivering top-notch candidates not just once, but throughout all phases and changes of a corporate lifecycle.

True Talent Acquisition comes from trusted relationships, time, strategy and skill. The end result is the right candidate, for the right position, at the right time.

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