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Executive Careers 

For Achievers 

When It's Time to Take Your Next Career Shot, It's Time for Arrow.


Did you know many executives fare better with professional career coaching and professional representation than those without? That's the fact. So, if you want to maximize your next career move and eliminate the sand traps, then let's get to know one another. Let's get you an Arrow Achiever Coach!

Career coaching and placement for top-tier executives doesn't get any better than this.


Tell us what motivates you and what course you want for your career. Share your aspirations and your own personal Arrow Achiever Coach will get busy right away with no time wasted, no delay. Our executive program is set up especially for busy people like you.


Your Arrow Achiever Coach will make you an Achiever 4 Life by prepping you for opportunities that never make the job boards. 


We don't just send you off on your own. Not a chance! You'll know exactly what the companies you see want, and you'll be prepared so you nail every interview. Sounds amazing, yes, but it's really par for the Arrow Strategies course. This is executive level service and support along with the guidance you need to, dare we say, land that hole-in-one job you've always wanted.

It's who you know and we know everybody. Tap into our connections. 


That's called an inside track, and when you're on it, you'll score through our broad network and close connections with the right people, the right companies. You'll leverage our years of connections. manager contacts, and market insight. Who you know matters. And when you've been in business building connections for decades like Arrow, you get to know everybody. 

Positions with all the benefits you expect


You expect to be considered for positions with the all the perks. Everyone wants that. So tell us your wishes and we'll take our best swing at checking all your boxes. Which perks matter most to you? Tell us what's on your list!

One more thing, expect complete confidentiality and privacy. Together we're in the cone of silence.

You know that working at this level requires a high degree of confidentiality and discretion. You'll get it from Arrow Strategies and your Arrow Achiever Coach. Does 6:00 am or 7:00 pm work for you? The regular work day may be a little tricky; not a problem for us. Your 24/7 is our 24/7. Understand, this is work we do together, kind of like you and your caddy quietly calling the shots. 


Now Hiring Achievers 

Arrow Strategies is perfect for top-level Achievers who are ready to make strategic career moves and who quietly want to explore their options. It's also ideal for seasoned managers who are looking to make the leap to director, to VP or higher. No matter your industry or your location, our opportunity network delivers the most coveted positions and your Arrow Achiever Coach helps you land them with privacy and discretion. The positions are out there. The question is, are you ready to step up and drive for the green?  If so, we'll help you sink the putt!

C-Suite and Executive Management
  • Vice President

  • Chief Operations Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Director

  • Manager

  • Team Lead

Engineering Specialties
  • ADAS

  • Autonomous Driving

  • Mobility

  • Connected Vehicles

  • Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

Professional Services
  • Human Resource VPs

  • Human Resources Directors

  • Human Resources Managers

  • Talent Acquisition Managers

  • Accounting and Finance Managers

  • Corporate Recruiters

Information Technology
  • IT Executives – CIO, CTO, CISO, VPs

  • Architects – Solution, Enterprise, Principal

  • Program Managers

  • Implementation Specialists

  • Data Scientists

  • Cloud Architects

  • IT Managers

  • Application
    Development Directors/Managers

There's this hidden market of lucrative executive-level positions that require 'knowing someone' to get in the door. Well, working with Arrow was, in fact, 'knowing someone.' And they coached me all along the way.

- Jeanne T.

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