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Leadership Team 

The Arrow Strategies leadership team is ready to help you achieve.

Decades of experience, a track record of solid achievements and plenty of major miracles when clients call, the Arrow Strategies team is working for you no matter the hour, no matter the day. Staffing and recruiting is not a nine-to-five job. 


An Achiever Is…  
A person who isn’t afraid to do something they’ve never done.

An Achiever Is…  
A person who includes others in the mission and shares credit when a goal is achieved.

An Achiever Is…  
 A person who is an accountable, passionate, loyal, and respectful team player.

An Achiever Is…   A person who  accomplishes what's important, no matter the obstacles.

Jeff Styers
Owner & CEO
Tom Picot
Kim Knapp, CPA
Vice President of Finance
Roland Pascua
Vice President of Human Resources

An Achiever Is…  
A person who is dedicated, hardworking, and has the will to improve every day.

An Achiever Is…  
 A person who's fueled by continued self-improvement, not  by winning at others' expense.

An Achiever Is…    A person with  vision, who has taken responsibility and moves it forward. 

Donnie Whitaker
Director of Engineering
Sean Rossiter
Director of IT
Cheryl Crockett
Director of Projects

Our Team of Achievers   "Most achievers I know are people who have made a strong and deep dedication to pursuing a particular goal. That dedication took a tremendous amount of effort."

Donald Johanson

Arrow Strategies' leadership makes sure all of their employees, including a person like me who works at a company miles away, feel respected, valued and part of the team. There are hundreds of Arrow employees, but somehow the leadership team manages to always be there when I have a question.

- James H.

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