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Jeff Styers
President & CEO     

Jeff founded Arrow Strategies decades ago and today the company is one of the top staffing firms in the nation. Growing it from a one-person start-up and bringing on a team of Achievers to continue it's rise, is a testament to Jeff's commitment to boldly dreaming and then working harder than everyone else to make it reality.

The book A Dream and A Prayer: How Fighting for What You Believe in Can Take You EVERYwhere, chronicles Jeff's journey of seeing the movie "Rocky III" at age thirteen, deciding he wanted to be a pro boxer, and then... actually becoming one!  It's an unbelievable story that continues to awaken the Achiever possibilities inside everyone who hears it. "The lessons boxing teaches you are ones you can't get anywhere else. They are the foundations of Arrow Strategies' values and have truly fueled our success." 

A former United States Marine, today Jeff is a visionary who spends his time on Arrow's leadership strategies, performance execution, community relationships, and company wide innovation. He sees Arrow's growth continuing thanks to a fantastic team who care about the success of Achiever clients and the happiness of Achiever candidates. And to the power of believing.             

Outside the business Jeff is very active in community organizations that inspire youth to dream and provide them the opportunities to achieve. He and his wife, Lisa, have one daughter and enjoy family time in beautiful Michigan. 

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