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Your Source for 

Executive Achievers 

Need a Racehorse Who’s Strong Out of the Gate and Steady in the Turns?


Your path to business success is riddled with twists and turns. That means in the search for executive leadership, the best prospects are the ones with both spirit and stability. Achievers who know how to run for the roses and tend the rose garden too.


It pays to be popular. We know just about everyone and that means our search network is massive, yet highly discrete.


Finding that rare thoroughbred means you have to know where to look. And resumé sites are not on the list. You find high-calibre executive talent from talking with other high-calibre executive talent. Then ferreting out the ones who can lead the charge, lead a team and even lead the organization. There's a finesse to doing this work and keeping things under wraps. Arrow has that finesse.


Others may send you lots of hopefuls. Arrow sends you Achievers you won’t find elsewhere.


Being local helps. Being connected helps. But nothing replaces making hundreds of calls until we find two or three Arrow Achievers who will be perfect for the job. Sure being thorough takes more time. But isn’t that why you hire us? To do the hard work so you don’t have to?


Preparation means we won’t waste your time. When you meet an Arrow Achiever, that executive is ready to meet you.


Arrow Achievers are always prepared to meet you. They know about your company, they know the nuances of the position and they have made it clear they are eager to stay in the race. That means they are interested, really interested, in the position. If they're not serious, you don't see them.



Beyond qualified, Arrow Achievers are an ideal fit with your company, your culture and you.


Anyone can send you candidates who look good on paper. That's because most companies don’t get to know you or the people they send your way. How about we go a step further? Let us help you define exactly the person you need. And the exact compensation plan and benefits package it will take to land that Arrow Achiever. Let's get you to the winner's circle.


Ask About Our Executive Achievers

It's so hard when you're in the throes of running a company to have the market insights, the talent connections and the time to really pull it all together to land a top executive hire. And do it with the utmost confidentiality. That's why the best companies choose Arrow Strategies. It's true, we're selective in our approach. Your people will make or break your company's success, particularly in executive positions. Let's work together and do it right the first time. Let's get you to the finish line first and fast. Let's get you the  Arrow Achiever you know you want, and you know you need. 

C-Suite and Executive Management
  • Vice President

  • Chief Operations Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Director

  • Manager

  • Team Lead

Engineering Specialties
  • ADAS

  • Autonomous Driving

  • Mobility

  • Connected Vehicles

  • Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

Professional Services
  • Human Resource VPs

  • Human Resources Directors

  • Human Resources Managers

  • Talent Acquisition Managers

  • Accounting and Finance Managers

  • Corporate Recruiters

Information Technology
  • IT Executives – CIO, CTO, CISO, VPs

  • Architects – Solution, Enterprise, Principal

  • Program Managers

  • Implementation Specialists

  • Data Scientists

  • Cloud Architects

  • IT Managers

  • Application
    Development Directors/Managers

"We had already made one hiring mistake before coming to Arrow Strategies. It cost us a lot of money and wasted a ton of time. It was a good lesson and one we know we'll never make again with Arrow as our partner." 


- Sharon L.

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