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You let your employees do what?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Many moons ago, working for an organization – I had a dentist appointment. It wasn’t grounds for being fired, but I remember very well how it felt to have to request the time off for a dentist appointment.

When I founded Arrow Strategies, I knew I would operate my company differently. The foundation of Arrow Strategies, and the culture within it, is based on three principals I set when I started Arrow Strategies:

Build a Performance Organization.

Before being CEO and President of Arrow Strategies, I was a United States Marine and an undefeated professional boxer. I know a thing or two about working hard, running a tight ship and fighting to outperform an opponent for personal satisfaction. I look for the same qualities in employees of Arrow Strategies.

I don’t hire former recruiters — I hire exemplary individuals that can excel and grow within Arrow Strategies, abiding by company beliefs and working hard to perform and carry out our methods. Everything ties to performance and exceptional execution.

Build an Honorable Company.

Arrow Strategies is a $50 million dollar a year organization, and growing exponentially. I pay employees well, offer top-notch benefits and Give Back to the community. Arrow Strategies has always given 10% of the NOI to various charities, including the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund among many others.

We are continually involved in programs designed to carry forward a main tenet of Arrow Strategies, ‘Giving Back’.

  • Newly-formed “Arrow Cares”: A 501c3 charity in which Arrow Strategies will be able to further assist those in need, both 501c3 organizations and individuals.

  • “Commit to Veterans” and “Partnership for Youth Success Programs”: Recruiting initiatives to match recent veterans as a well-trained workforce into a high impact civilian role within an organization.

  • “Operation Restore Valor”: A veteran hiring initiative, promoting the benefits of hiring highly-skilled veterans. Arrow employees choose two charities per month for the company to support, and every employee gets two days off per year to volunteer in the community.

Arrow employees choose two charities per month for the company to support, and every employee gets two days off per year to volunteer in the community.

Beat the Competition. Be the Best.

How do we beat the competition? How does Arrow Strategies ensure that we are The Best? We work hard. Strategizing, communicating, executing — running the plays from the thematic playbook.

And we play hard, too:

  • Massages on Fridays

  • Concierge service

  • Game room, complete with flat screen and foosball

  • Top-notch benefits package, considerable salaries

  • On-site gym with personal trainer

  • Unlimited PTO, personal time off

Yes, we do huddles at Arrow. We do high-fives. We goof off. We laugh, a lot. And we ring the bell – our warrior cry celebrating another victory. The saying amongst employees is, “We’ll shovel coal to ring the bell.” And they do — Arrow employees work very hard, and we all applaud every ounce of well-executed effort.

I catch a lot of flak for the culture I’ve created at Arrow Strategies. People are always asking me, “You let your employees do what?!” Here’s what I say to them:

  • Recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies for six consecutive years

  • 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work for “Best of the Best” award – 3 time winner

  • Detroit Free Press Top Workplace

  • Crain’s “Coolest Places to Work”

  • Recognized as the 5th Fastest Growing Staffing Firm in the country for the last two years respectively by Staffing Industry magazine.

I believe Arrow Strategies is the best, is a performance organization that honors God, and is a company I would want to work for. Maybe our competitors just need a really good massage. Perhaps I should recommend a great masseuse to them – but she’s not available on Fridays.

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